Ludo STAR : 2017 (New)

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Get in the fun of one of the most famous games ever created.

Ludo STAR : 2017 is the perfect game to play with your friends as it includes 4 different players and different features and game modes so you and your friends don’t get bored and keep entertained for several hours.

You can choose the colour of your player, between the four available colours which are red, blue, green and yellow. After all the players have chosen or were assigned to a colour, the game can finally begin. If your friends keep bragging about being Ludo experts, invite them to the app and challenge them to see who’s the true king.

Ludo STAR : 2017 will make you feel like an Indian emperor, as they were known to play this game back in the day. The app comes with some classic features which will make your gaming experience even better. Connect the app to your Facebook profile and invite your friends to play with or against you as there are several modes to choose from. If your friends are offline, you can play agains random player from across the globe in 2 or 4 player matches.

Choose between different modes, which include Classic, Master or Quick according to your mood or the time you have to play. There are also some rules that you can play with such as doubling the pieces and kill 1 before entering home just to name a few.

Ludo STAR : 2017 is completely free to play, so download it now and have fun!

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APK verzió 1.0.30
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